Shape the world we live in

CATIA takes a design and brings it to life in real world applications using 3D CAD and simulation to show how any product will behave in an organic environment. The 3D modeling and simulation on CATIA are both collaborative and user friendly.

Discover CATIA

Design products with the customer experience in mind.
  • Optimize the effectiveness of all users with first class 3D modeling and simulation.
  • Integrate current tools with a more collaborative environment for product development.
  • Innovate with a social design environment that brings all workers to one place

Design/ Styling

Industrial Design: take your designs from concept to 3D designs. Advanced Surface Modeling: visualize your aesthetics with ground breaking design technology.


Manage the fast paced development of mechanical products. Engineer key factors early in the 3D Design of a product.

Systems Engineering

Use a development platform that engulfs cross discipline modeling, verification, simulation, and business process support. Reduce the cost of product and system development.

CATIA on the Cloud gives you instant access to your CAD designs for engineering and manufacturing from anywhere while removing the need for upfront investment and setup costs. With fast efficient access to all your projects from anywhere. 

CATIA on the Cloud

Transforming innovation for small companies.

Mechanical Engineers

Discover a new approach to conceptual design for mechanical engineers.

Creative Designers

Gain competitive advantage by design, making innovative appealing products quickly available to the market following customer trends.

Electrical Engineers

Use an intelligent environment to automate highly complex façades to respond to emerging issues, design changes, and on-site realities.