Co-Design to Target allows Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to integrate disparate tools, organizations and processes into a single stream to optimize form, fit and function in an integrated System Digital Mock-up (DMU).

This System DMU can avoid many of the integration issues that significantly impact the cost and schedule of a program.

By connecting the dots, the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform makes it possible to drive program convergence with a real-time view to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) across all departments, sites and suppliers, making it possible to proactively keep programs on track.

Fluid Systems Engineering

Integrated End-to-End Fluid systems development environment which enables the complete design of fuel, hydraulics, brake and HVAC systems

  • Design and optimization of pipes, tubes, HVAC & waveguide systems
  • Schematic and 3D design in context of the other disciplines
  • Take advantage of specification and schematic driven design
  • Automation capabilities to comply with corporate and industry standards
  • Facilitate the data generation necessary for manufacturing preparation

Electrical Wire Harness Engineering

An integrated End-to-End electrical development process from schematics and 3D design down to work instructions and form
board layouts

  • Reduce time & cost of electrical development lead time
  • Improve quality and avoid issues late in the process
  • Ensure collaboration/concurrent engineering for all stakeholders
  • Design and optimize electrical 3D harness bundles accurately in the context of the full product
  • Synchronize electrical schematic to 3D design
  • Route 3D wires and cables to obtain exact bundle diameters and wire/cablelengths
  • Generate automatic annotated full-scale drawings for formboard creation and manufacturing documentation

Component Functional Generative Engineering

Explore and generate lightweight shapes, on target, with a design solution addressing both additive and conventional manufacturing processes

  • Workflow assistant to guide the user in every step of the process
  • Design space creation from any CAD data, native or imported, edited using de-featuring and other intuitive direct modeling capabilities
  • Clearly identified Functional regions remaining the same throughout the design exploration
  • Comprehensive sets of loading and boundary conditions to precisely specify what the targeted design shall withstand
  • Extensive Optimization setup capabilities, including frequency, displacement or stress constraints as well as manufacturing constraints
  • Additive manufacturing support strategy exploration, thanks to overhang analysis and selfsupported structures proposed for a given printing direction
  • Automatic generation of a functional concept CAD

Sheet Metal & Machined Part Engineering

A comprehensive set of process-oriented applications to manage the conceptual, detailed design and preparation for manufacturing of sheet metal & machined parts

  • Define the Assembly Definition
  • Define the Standard Parts within the assembly
  • Define surface flange and joggle creation
  • Create Cut out, Surface Stamp, Bead, and Flanges using catalog and instantiate powercopies of standard features on base design
  • Run design validation with knowledgeware checks
  • Perform simulation cases on assembly levels for load analysis as needed
  • Run manufacturing experience thanks to machined part simulation in machinecontext

Mechatronics Systems Engineering

Design and predict behavior of a complete Mechatronic System with different engineering disciplines such as electrical, mechanical and software

  • Define the mechanical system, control and actuator system behavior and Physical Architecture
  • Define the pass/fail criteria to perform simulation iterations (vibrations, counter forces, etc) for
    multiphysics solutions
  • Optimize Loops between the different parameters including functional driven generative design
  • Define the linkage between the functional model and virtual test scenarios

Aerospace Fastener Engineering

Design, simulate, consume and manage complex fastened assembly by defining fasteners easily, for any general fastening technology, in a configured aircraft structure.

  • Modelize various types of fasteners: spot single, spot assembly, bead fasteners, etc
  • The technological view of fasteners can be defined to specify if the fastener is based on welds, bolts, modeling etc.
  • Navigation tools let you analyze millions of fastening links
  • Accurately analysis fasteners and fastened parts
  • Design Fasteners and rules in airplane configured product structure

Electrical Power System Engineering

Electrical Power System Engineering will focus on the engineering design and validation for the generation and distribution of electricity as well as the electrical devices that supply, transfer and use the electric power of the aircraft system. Aircraft electrical power systems are self-contained networks of components that generate, transmit, distribute, store and use electrical energy. These systems power avionics, flight controls, environmental subsystems, anti-icing devices, communications (internal and external), lights, and a myriad of other key functional elements of the aircraft.. Electrical power systemswill increase in importance as more subsystems are electrified to improve overall aircraft efficiency and reduce emissions.

Battery Module & Pack System Engineering

Battery Module & Pack System Engineering will focus on the design and development of complex battery cell systems from cell engineering to the full battery pack design and validation in context of the full aircraft. Predict behavior on cell, pack and system level with A&D use cases can reduce physical test requirements and downstream rework. Characterize key properties of electrode and electrolyte materials.
Discover innovative materials for next generation batteries. Predict and characterize degradation & aging behaviors difficult to design for wide ranging normal and adverse conditions accounting for complex multi-physics interactions.

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