Reinvent The Sky supports startups, small and medium enterprises and OEMs in developing disruptive solutions: from small, light aircraft to electric vertical take-off and landing, and as well as space launchers and satellite propulsions.

Companies can accelerate the product lifecycle from concept to certification and launch and gain significant advantage by being the first on the market with their prototype.
By optimizing program execution and connecting the dots thanks to the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform on the cloud, they can reduce complexity and design for manufacturing during product development.

The cloud-based Reinvent The Sky solution on the platform allows better collaboration across functional teams (engineering, manufacturing, test, supplier management), lowers IT costs and scales with project maturity and company cash flow.

End to End Change Management

End-to-end collaborative change process that clearly communicates change decisions and assignments to all impacted organizations

Establish a seamless change processes across domains and organizations

  • Bring organizations together under one consistent & standardize change process

Clearly communicate and coordinate change implementation activities

  • Obtain full change assessment and impact analysis on all propose changes
  • Orchestrate simple and complex product changes
  • Clearly communicate change decisions and assignments

Reduce cycle-time to implement changes

  • Empower teams to work in parallel on their change assignments reducing change cycle-time
  • Effectively and seamlessly capture in Change action all modifications performed in different authoring applications

Establish full traceability with automated change capture

  • Automatically capture all modifications during change implementation
  • Sign-off traceability from all impacted organizations including governance stakeholders

Continuous Product Development

  • Provide easy access through web browser and mobile devices to the product engineering definition including all disciplines (mechanical, electronic, software, etc…) authored in 3DEXPERIENCE or other connected tools (CATIA V5, NX, CREO,…).
  • Enable configured product structure edition basic capabilities under change control and ability to start sessions on adhoc authoring tools.

Component Functional Generative Engineering

Explore and generate lightweight shapes, on target, with a design solution addressing both additive and conventional manufacturing processes

  • Workflow assistant to guide the user in every step of the process
  • Design space creation from any CAD data, native or imported, edited using de-featuring and other intuitive direct modeling capabilities
  • Clearly identified Functional regions remaining the same throughout the design exploration
  • Comprehensive sets of loading and boundary conditions to precisely specify what the targeted design shall withstand
  • Extensive Optimization setup capabilities, including frequency, displacement or stress constraints as well as manufacturing constraints
  • Additive manufacturing support strategy exploration, thanks to overhang analysis and self-supported structures proposed for a given printing direction
  • Automatic generation of a functional concept CAD

Sheet Metal & Machined Part Engineering

A comprehensive set of process-oriented applications to manage the conceptual, detailed design and preparation for manufacturing of sheet metal & machined parts

40-60% of cost reduction thanks to:

  • Create the detailed physical part in the product structure utilizing Model-Based and/or FT&A tool and linking all requirements to the detailed engineering
  • Define the Assembly Definition
  • Define the Standard Parts within the assembly
  • Define surface flange and joggle creation
  • Create Cut out, Surface Stamp, Bead, and Flanges using catalog and instantiate power copies of standard features on base design
  • Run design validation with knowledgeware checks
  • Perform simulation cases on assembly levels for load analysis as needed
  • Run manufacturing experience thanks to machined part simulation in machine context

Mechatronics Systems Engineering

Design and predict behavior of a complete mechatronics system

  • Define the mechanical system, control and actuator system behavior and physical architecture
  • Define the pass/fail criteria to perform simulation iterations (vibrations, counter forces, etc) for
    multiphysics solutions
  • Optimize Loops between the different parameters including functional driven generative design
  • Define the linkage between the functional model and virtual test scenarios

Electrical Wire Harness Engineering

An integrated End-to-End electrical development process from schematics and 3D design down to work instructions and formboard layouts

  • Reduce time & cost of electrical development lead time
  • Improve quality and avoid issues late in the process
  • Ensure collaboration/concurrent engineering for all stakeholders
  • Design and optimize electrical 3D harness bundles accurately in the context of the full product
  • Synchronize electrical schematic to 3D design
  • Route 3D wires and cables to obtain exact bundle diameters and wire/cable lengths
  • Generate automatic annotated full-scale drawings for form board creation and manufacturing documentation

Assembly Process Engineering & Virtual Build

Create, visualize and document manufacturing plans and work instructions in the context of the virtual assembly line to be pushed downstream for execution

  • Ensure future production rate and quality by planning, authoring, simulating and optimizing the complete assembly process
  • Accelerate the speed of incorporating engineering and manufacturing change to the Final Assembly lines based on the digital thread of engineering design, manufacturing planning and execution data
  • Improve first time right aerospace assembly metrics to accelerate delivery timelines
  • Shorter learning curve for production workers through 3D-enabled work instructions
  • Reduce manufacturing preparation time & cost

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