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Today, home & lifestyle companies need the best digital solution that covers the entire process, from innovative idea to delighted consumer.

In the Home & Lifestyle industry, brands must put consumers at the center of decision-making.

  • Create new products and experiences that improve the consumer lifestyle and inspire new ways of living.
  • Highlighting brand values and delivering an entire experience, not just a product.
  • Everything from strategy, vision, innovation, product definition, manufacturing methods— even the way of selling and delivering—must be consumer-driven.
  • Consumer behavior and preferences are shifting faster than ever and companies must react more quickly to deliver meaningful innovation on shorter timelines.

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The New Consumer

Exceeded consumers expectations.

Limitless Innovation

Think without limits to deliver innovation.

Digital Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Digitize production to be flexible and adapt to consumer demand.

Market Transformation

The emergence of new best practices is transforming the industry towards customized products.

The New Consumer

Whether it is exploring options, searching for a specific product, or creating something personalized; the New Consumer demands an easy, yet engaging brand experience that meets the needs of their new lifestyle.

On Demand Products and Experiences

With this growing, the urban, middle-class consumer comes new expectations for real-time, digitally-connected experiences that make use of the various digital devices in their lives. Whether it is exploring options, searching for a specific product, or creating something personalized; the New Consumer demands an easy, yet engaging brand experience that meets the needs of their new lifestyle.

Connect with Consumer Data to Drive Innovation

The New Consumer creates massive amounts of data. Whether it is real-time health monitoring from a wearable smart device or home automation information such as temperature and lighting levels from a connected IoT device, consumer data is everywhere. Building new devices to capture this data and making use of existing data to create new product categories will be at the core of future innovation efforts.

Limitless Innovation

Break away from traditional methods and think without limits in order to deliver innovation for product, process, materials, and experience.

Excite the Consumer’s Imagination with Technology-Forward Products and Services

In modern daily life, connected products and services wrap the consumer in brand experience and it is imperative to look at every aspect of the consumer journey as opportunities to surprise the consumer with unexpected value and dazzle them with personalized experiences.

Redefine Product Design & Development with Simulation and 3D

Next generation products won’t be delivered using last generation processes and tools. Designing a new bicycle using 3D and simulation technologies opens up both new frontiers of creativity and previously unheard of abilities to bring personalized products to market faster, cheaper, and to a higher level of quality.


Digital Manufacturing and Supply Chain

Digitalize production processes to be flexible and adapt your entire supply chain to evolving consumer demand.

Prepare for the Mass-Customization Revolution

The next generation supply chain is upon us and it requires new, intelligent approaches to face today’s problems. Managing unique consumer product configurations requires being able to quickly scale production, redirect manufacturing skills, and quickly manage material requirements.

Accelerate with Manufacturing and Logistics Intelligence

Manufacturing simulation technologies optimize efficiency and lower costs while factory optimization tools intelligently manage scale, skills, material volatility, and compliance. While advanced delivery logistics allow companies to manufacture close to the consumer and deliver anywhere, anytime, while remaining cost-controlled.

Market Transformation

The emergence of new business models and practices are transforming the industry from mass merchandising to customized products and personalized experiences.

Reinvent the Future of Home & Lifestyle

This new world is dynamic, requiring Home & Lifestyle companies to transform their practices and adopt new ways of thinking about products, services, and their supply chain. The focus will be creating a consumer-driven economy that creates a personalized, connected, experience unique to each individual.

Change Your Mindset to be in the Consumer-Driven Economy

Competing in the new market means thinking differently about traditional business practices. Brands, manufacturers, and retailers must create a business model that places the consumer at the center of their thinking and provides them with connected products designed for their specific needs.

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