Digital Equipment Continuity brings the benefits of Digital Continuity – the ability to use your information in the way that you need, for as long as you need – to small and medium Industrial Equipment customers.

Based on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, it links engineering intent and manufacturing process planning to the rest of the enterprise with a bi-directional flow of digital information.

This involves

Business Challenges

Customer & Consumer Values

Easy Solution Deployment
Ability to Quickly and Easily deploy Solution
Improve Time To Market
Productivity Improvements due to Unified Management of All Project Information, Real Time Dashboarding
Reduce Cost
Integrated Project Management ensures Efficient Use of Resources Risk/Issue Management ensures Focus to Resolve Key Topics
Improved Product Quality and Flexibility
  • Integrated Solution from Idea Generation, Concept to Manufacturing
  • Recognized World Class Engineering, Design, and Manufacturing Solution
  • Traceability of Requirements Compliance through the Complete Product Lifecycle
Improved Collaboration
  • Unified User Experience across Your Enterprise Globally
  • One Single Repository for All Project Information
  • Entire Ecosystem has Access to Required Information at Any Time and Any where
  • Efficiently Leverage Skills and Knowledge
Social Ideation and Innovation Management
Social Ideation and Innovation Management

Social Ideation and Innovation Management

  • Get answers to your critical business questions using real-time data insights.
  • Drive faster decision-making with automated alerts and actions.
  • Take better business decisions through real-time interactive progress and program analytics Use insights to quickly create and explore conceptual ideas.
Business Driven Portfolio Management

Business Driven Portfolio Management

Plan and manage your global product portfolio to meet the customer demands.

Business driven portfolio process drives the corporate product strategy with collaboration between cross-functional teams to achieve the product’s strategic intent. This process helps companies manage the entire definition, planning and development of their product portfolio from the time new configurable products are introduced to the market to the time they are withdrawn from the market. Customer satisfaction is improved by ensuring that all requirements are delivered in products and services. Product development lifecycle, cost and risk are reduced by re-using IP and maximizing standardized technology.

Program and Project Management

Program and Project Management

Deliverables-based project management links product development data to a project, enabling real-time monitoring and assessment to improve project performance.

  • Connect portfolio definition and governing projects the same system
  • Leverage a system that aligns the project scope with the project schedule and resource assignments
  • Reduce non-value added activities related to reporting task status
  • Directly connecting to objects under development allows project managers to anticipate issues and mitigate earlier
  • Real-time decision support through advanced Analytics
Equipment Mechanical Engineering

Equipment Mechanical Engineering

The Equipment Mechanical Engineering process allows complete Mechanical Design and Engineering of very Complex Equipment in a Multi-Discipline Environment leveraging instant Collaboration across the Company. This Process includes Simulation for Designers and Engineers allowing structural simulation to be carried over without the need to get simulation analysts assistance.
Unlike Solutions from traditional PLM Vendors, Equipment Mechanical Engineering allows to connect the entire enterprise to engineering and work with true multi-discipline co-engineering.

  • Work without limits on large & complex products
  • Leverage Multi-CAD product engineering
  • Perform multi-discipline product engineering (mechanical design & structural simulation)
Electrical Wire Harness

Electrical Wire Harness

Electrical Wire Harness and Cabling Engineering is an integrated End-to-End electrical development environment from schematics through 3D design up to manufacturing preparation.

  • Create intelligent schematics for wiring and cabling systems
  • Reduce electrical system development time thanks to a synchronization between the Schematics and the 3D
  • Prepare quickly high quality manufacturing documentation
  • Define document templates that integrate any data from different sources and use them for automatic generation
  • Capture and reuse company best practices and expertise
  • Manage traceability all along electrical systems lifecycle
Immersive Digital Mock-Up Review

Immersive Digital Mock-Up Review

From classification to standard components reuse, this industry process brings all the capabilities to define and keep track of your standard catalogs, with the following main features :

  • Classification arborescence creation and management
  • Merging standards across company sites and programs
  • Decision publication to engineering to enforce IP “Capture and Reuse” corporate practices

This industry process reunites the worlds of engineers, sourcing and standard components managers with PartSupply Enterprise. It allows you to drive product part reuse, make or buy process, with optimized components catalogs.

  • As a component manager, select the components to be used in your company, with both in-house parts and external components from qualified suppliers
  • As a designer, search efficiently among the optimized components, and directly insert or replace them in your design
Equipment Virtual Build

Equipment Virtual Build

Equipment Virtual Build solution provides manufacturing engineers and assembly planners working in the 3DEXPERIENCE® environment the ability to study assembly processes in parallel of product engineering.
Worldwide access from any production site provides all stakeholders with a clear understanding of each assembly step and the impact of design changes.
The product build-up can be analyzed in the context of the assembly line – even if the line or factory does not yet exist.

  • Improve manufacturing plan accuracy with 3D-enabled visualization of the assembly process
  • Improve first time right equipment assembly metrics to accelerate delivery timelines
  • Shorter learning curve for production workers and improved product quality through 3D-enabled visual documentation and work instructions
  • Reduce errors and rework with 3D virtual simulation
  • Replace imprecise and complex assembly drawings with clear and accurate manufacturing work instructions
Collaborative Engineering to Manufacturing

Collaborative Engineering to Manufacturing

Effective release process of a configured engineering and manufacturing definitions that is aligned with the business objectives.

Collaborative engineering to manufacturing helps teams to work effectively on engineering definition with accelerated cross-team collaboration during the product development, ensuring productivity and visibility across the enterprise. This process offers tools for flexible data visualization, mass edition and efficient configured engineering definition.
This process fosters and accelerates multi-discipline collaboration through engineering responsibility assignment and tracking. Product changes are coordinated, tracked and monitored through a concurrent multi-discipline change activities that improve cycle time and efforts invested in these changes. Change clarity and visibility is leveraged across the enterprise through histograms and trend analysis charts. Manufacturing definition is securely created from the engineering definition which ensures data integrity.

Structured Enterprise Documentation

Structured Enterprise Documentation

Manage documents within the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform.

  • Enterprise-wide collaboration that automates the authoring, reviewing, releasing and publishing of controlled documents, with enterprise-wide change control.
  • Generate high quality documents using the power of the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform.
  • Provide the capacity to generate high quality documents like Certification document, Requirement Specification, Document Controlled Interface, Project Reports, Traceability document, Financial Reports, etc..
NC Programming and Simulation

NC Programming and Simulation

Define all the required NC manufacturing programs with integrated simulation and best-in-class tool paths.

  • Simulation: Program machines smarter and faster directly in the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and mitigate the risk of production by simulating the program in the machine context
  • Collaboration: Enable cross-discipline collaboration throughout your extended enterprise and increase the value of machine programming knowledge
  • Impact Analysis: Make cost effective decisions with detailed “impact analysis” for engineering and manufacturing changes
Production Line Definition
Production Line Definition

Production Line Definition

With the changing market demands : deliver personalized products more rapidly than ever before, Industrial Equipment companies provide Smart and flexible manufacturing lines. Their ability to make the right choices (equipment, line architecture, process) very early in the decision process decides the success of projects (cost & time)

Stamping Die Engineering and Machining

Stamping Die Engineering and Machining

Enables a complete coverage of the stamping die manufacturing process from Engineering to Machining in a single digital thread without any geometry transfer and/or translation, while reducing development cost and time by 30%

  • Increase design productivity, standardize tooling design practices, automate design tasks and assist earlier decision-making
  • One integrated solution from part design to tooling manufacturing
  • Reduce programming time by reusing company best practices
  • Improve programming accuracy with advanced machining strategies
  • Ensure tool paths are collision free with machine tool simulation
Stamping Die Engineering
Robot Programming and Simulation
Robot Programming and Simulation

Robot Programming and Simulation

Robot programming and simulation is a 3D solution, where equipment manufacturing engineers can create, simulate, program and validate an entire robotic workcell for multiple applications

  • Reduce capital investment by virtually designing and validating new robotic systems
  • Increase production and maximize resource utilization with offline programming of complex robotic systems
  • Avoid costly damage and rework through virtual validation of the tools and processes
  • Enable agile product and manufacturing changes through the propagation and programming on engineering data
  • Virtually verify robot movements and optimize the use of shop floor space and cycle time
Service Process Engineering

Service Process Engineering

Reassure digital continuity from Engineering to Service; Define the Services
Process and Service Item Structure(SBOM) as well as Service Instructions in one single environment

Service Process Engineering

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