A global trend for Heavy Machinery manufacturer is to deliver to customers a complete range of machines and develop solution to orchestrate machine missions / machine in operation on top of the sell of the equipment.

Based on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and its capability to offer true collaboration between many stakeholders it offers an Integrated Solution from Idea Generation, Concept to Manufacturing and Service after-sales.

Integrated Heavy Machinery allows to:

Business Driven Portfolio Management

Capture the “voice of the customer” to provide the right offers at the right time to meet the demand & specifications of customers

Heavy Machinery Creative Design and Styling

A unified Industrial Design workflow solution, addressing the Industrial Equipment design development process with an integrated and complete solution. To express creativity, explore concept design, take styling & design decisions with Physical & Virtual Prototypes.

Product Experience Creation

Deliver the perfect pitch or tell a winning story with your product as the hero.
A powerful and efficient process for creating virtual product demonstrations which show how a product meets the needs of an audience. Build a virtual stage and create scenarios to tell the story of your product in context.

Heavy Machinery Electrical and Control Systems

An integrated End to End electrical development and simulation environment from schematics through 3D design up to manufacturing preparation and electromagnetic simulation.

Heavy Machinery Hydraulic Systems

An integrated End to End Piping, Tubing and HVAC systems development environment which enables the complete design of fluid systems. It also includes the simulation and analysis of the hydraulic system to ensure its compliancy to regulation standards.

Heavy Machinery Operating Performance

This industry process includes following high fidelity solutions

  • Track ingestion and buildup of snow on machinery using particle tracking with coupled momentum equation
  • Predict rain deposition on machinery bodies, using particle tracking with film model based physics, including splash and breakup
  • Determine range of motions, overall CG location and joint loads for an equipment with multibody simulations
  • Minimize interference problems due to multiple co-existing radio systems, at a very early design stage
  • Determine the antenna performance as installed on an equipment; Ensure antenna performance targets are met in the working environment when antenna is embedded into a larger device or system

Heavy Machinery Safety and Comfort

Take advantage of CAD-integrated modeling and analysis tools to carry out multiple structural simulations with different load cases to assess the energy absorbed by the rollover protective structure before failure
Leverage fully CAD-enabled CFD and evaluate the following:

  • Operator thermal comfort
  • Cabin cool-down/warm-up time
  • Temperature distribution in the cabin interior
  • Air flow uniformity, split and output temperatures at HVAC vents
  • Cabin HVAC flow distribution

Quality and Risk Management

From an existing architecture, identify Hazardous events (PRA) then analyze cause and effect of failures on the Design side (D-FMEA -Design Failure mode and Effect Analysis) and for feared events estimate probability of occurrence of a system failure through computation of causes’ occurrence (FTA).
It also includes the same potential cause and effects of Process Failures with P-FMEA -Process Failure Mode and Effect Analysis) and Control Plan.
Overall, this process will enable along with all other Industry Process Experience: APQP -Advanced Product Quality Planning Framework.

Collaborative Engineering to Manufacturing

Effective release process of a configured engineering and manufacturing definitions that is aligned with the business objectives.

  • Augment the product definition with enterprise information
  • Check readiness and optimization of engineered solutions in response to product breakdown needs
  • Share product definition information with all stakeholders by using dedicated views
  • Support multi-discipline release process

Unified Test Management

  • End to End, Multi-Disciplinary Test Governance integrated into a Single Environment (3DEXPERIENCE Platform) from Design To Test (and beyond) provides a leading edge to our Customers.
  • Virtual and Physical Test Result Correlation into the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform allows better Test Rationalization and replacement of Physical Testing whenever possible

Service Process Engineering

Reassure digital continuity from Engineering to Service;
Define the Services Process and Service Item Structure(SBOM) as well as Service Instructions in one single environment

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