The Automotive Industry is experiencing tremendous business shifts with traditional car-makers launching innovation labs and pure new players starting from scratch.

Electro Mobility Accelerator enables both new mobility innovators and industry-leading OEMs to imagine, develop and industrialize new electric mobility concepts within a comprehensive collaborative environment.


Body Structure Concept Engineering

The Body Structure Concept Engineering process enables rapid functional validation of new geometry, trade-off and optimization in a fully simulation and performance driven approach, covering all disciplines. The function-based approach emphasizes upfront validation to avoid late issue discovery.

Chassis & Suspension Concept Engineering

The Chassis & Suspension Concept Engineering process combines a fully integrated solution to overcome kinematics challenges, with automatic generation of function-driven conceptual shapes and detailed organic shapes, shared models, shared parameters, one single definition of all systems roles, consistent systems engineering methods, and multi-physics simulations open to standards.

Wire Harness Electrical Engineering

Dassault Systèmes’ Wire Harness Electrical Engineering process enables end-to-end management of the electrical development environment from schematics through 3D design and simulation up to manufacturing preparation.

Body Structure Engineering

Design manufacturing-ready body-in-white structures and openings.
This solution integrates a set of roles to design and simulate complex surfaces with embedded manufacturing constraints to ensure feasibility and compliance with performance. These best-in-class capabilities have been used for decades to develop vehicles and continue to improve.

  • 3DMaster through its unique model based definition solution helps to introduce tolerances and annotations right from the start of the design. This improves collaboration efficiency by reducing errors.
  • Designed fasteners can be directly leveraged for simulation and manufacturing. Simulation capabilities for designers ensure upfront validation for structural performance.

Continuous Product Development

Collaborative product multidiscipline engineering (mechanical, electronic, software, etc.) in response to architecture definition to meet program KPIs.

  • Offering core services generic to all 3DEXPERIENCE Platform for Life Cycle, Versioning & Configuration, scalable to large data
  • Multi site / Multi Domain collaborative environment sharing common real time definition
  • Reducing errors and enforcing Corporate Rules thanks to automated processes for complex and repetitive operations
  • Mastering product variability while controlling development costs leveraging best in class configuration services

Collaborative Engineering Definition

Enables high level physical product breakdowns to classify Multidiscipline Product Engineering IP.
Facilitates concurrent engineering with efficient navigation through relevant ontologies (e.g. zone, discipline, responsibility, etc…)

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