SBS Corp and XD Innovation to Deliver Digital Transformation in Manufacturing Globally

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Companies team up to offer out of the box Customer process experiences and cloud-enabled solutions utilizing Dassault Systèmes 3DExperience and DELMIA Portfolios.

Businesses trying to succeed in the manufacturing space have faced new and different obstacles throughout history. This has especially been true during periods of significant economic or technological change.

In the last decade, the consumer trend towards product customization combined with an increasingly competitive global marketplace has put a lot of pressure on manufacturers to automate their processes and operations. With manufacturing initiatives like Industry 4.0, IIoT, or Smart Manufacturing, the digitalization of the factory floor has been inching forward, rather slowly and hesitantly compared to other sectors.

COVID-19, however, has upended the boat. The pandemic has highlighted how unexpected changes in demand and supply can throw the manufacturing sector into chaos; however, the most flexible producers with the right digital tools understand what is happening and adjust their operations quickly to survive challenges. It is no longer a question of whether plants need to digitize or not, but if it can be done quickly.

Social distancing is becoming the “new normal,” and manufacturers need to rethink their plant layouts and processes to ensure workplace safety as they get their workers back on the shop floor.

During this uncertainty, many manufacturers shut down part of their facilities to stay operational and limit spending. To sustain the pandemic and beyond, they must identify areas for automation and digitalization to optimize and increase productivity and bring back facilities to better than normal conditions.

With remote accessibility and a digitized shop floor, facilities can work on automating production, removing additional IT overhead, and making it an affordable and sustainable solution for long term gain.

The willingness for manufacturing to stay more local and bring a quicker return on investment is the most significant development in this sector. They recognize that the time for change is now.

To meet the growing demand for digital transformation in manufacturing, XD Innovation and SBS Corp have entered into a strategic…digital manufacturing portfolio, DELMIA.

Quote from Soufiane Elaamili, CEO, XD Innovation:
“We are very excited with our new partnership with SBS, which would help our current and future customers to close the digital continuity loop between engineering and manufacturing, through the implementation of state-of-the-art manufacturing solutions powered by Dassault’s DELMIA product suite and a rapid deployment methodology approach to speed up time to value.”

Quote from Christoph Grauer, Managing Partner of PLM and Manufacturing Operations, SBS Corp.:
“Companies need to implement digital manufacturing solutions to enable safe and hygienic work environments whilst increasing productivity. We are excited to partner with XD Innovation to help you achieve this in weeks instead of months. SBS Corp and XD Innovation’s complementary solution offerings will create significant value for our customers globally, helping them achieve their digital transformation goals.”

About SBS Corp
Founded in 2005, SBS Corp is a professional IT product solutions and consulting company based out of Houston, Texas. SBS offers unique implementation services for manufacturing technology products out of offices in the U.S., Europe, and Asia-Pacific. The company specializes in providing ERP, PLM, and MOM solutions. SBS supports customers across the globe in selecting, implementing, and maintaining business-appropriate ERP, PLM, and MOM solutions to maintain digital continuity. SBS Corp’s mission is to help customers manage and transform their businesses through high-quality, economical, and efficient solutions using innovative, leading-edge technologies.
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About XD Innovation:
XD Innovation is a premier international Dassault Systèmes Partner, Education Services provider, and an accredited Certification Center with activities in the US, France, Mexico, and Canada. The company focuses on cloud, software, consulting, and value-added services for product development technologies, enabling 3D Design, Engineering, Simulation, Data Management, Process Management, Quality & Compliance. With a strong focus on New Tech, XD Innovation is proud to be working with some of the most forward-looking innovators in the world, including electric and autonomous vehicles, drones, hyperloop and robotics.
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By XD Innovation · 24 September 2020

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