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About XD Innovation

XD Innovation (XDI) is a global digital engineering and smart manufacturing solutions provider. We provide world class solutions backed by industry leading best practices to enable OEMs, their supplier ecosystems & disruptors to design, engineer, simulate and manufacture their products.

XD Innovation provides software, consulting, and value-added services used to accelerate product development equip 3D Design, engineering, Modeling, Simulation, Data Management, Process Management, Manufacturing operations and optimization.

From Electric vehicles, Fusion Energy, Hyperloop to Space systems, XDI works with some of the most disruptive innovators shaping our world today.

Our Team

Ashley Henderson

Head of Finance

Elayna Nagy

Operations Manager

Imane Chmiti

Marketing Manager

Andrew Sparrow

Software & Services


Marc Karamanoogian

Consulting & Services – Americas


Michael Carrabino

Sales & Business Development – Americas


Shawn Chadwick

Consulting & Services – Europe

EuroNorth MD


Hakan Theobald

Sales & Business Development – Europe


Greg Steward

Resource Management Team

Frederick Davenport-Price

Resource Management Team

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