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Unlocking Supplier Success Through Digitalization

Empowering Suppliers for Success

In an era shaped by technological advancements, digitalization emerges as the smart path for supplier development and program success within the Aerospace & Defense Industry. It's the key to streamlining processes, aligning with OEM customers, and enhancing performance and responsiveness.

Navigating Supplier Challenges

What are the critical challenges faced by suppliers that determine success or failure?
Explore the top 10 challenges affecting supplier performance in the industry.

Meeting Industry Evolution Head-On

The industry is undergoing monumental shifts driven by technology and environmental demands, reshaping the entire value chain. Suppliers are entrusted to drive cost reductions, ensure superior quality, and engineer increasingly complex components and systems—all while optimizing production for leaner, agile, and connected operations to meet fluctuating demands.

Adaptability & Innovation at the Core

Diversification into new markets is now pivotal for differentiation and resilience in economic cycles. This creates additional pressure on innovation capacity and collaborative models required by emerging players in Advanced Air Mobility and New Space markets.

Streamlined Collaboration for Enhanced Performance

By digitizing product development, suppliers eliminate data management pitfalls and secure sensitive information. A shift to digital product models on an innovation platform fosters seamless collaboration across the enterprise. With a unified engineering parts definition and BOM, various design disciplines can contribute to a consolidated engineering BOM, minimizing errors and rework, while maximizing time for innovation.

Shaping Future Possibilities

ENOVIA, powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, empowers teams to collaborate and innovate without constraints. Discover how industry leaders leverage this solution to stay ahead.

Driving Manufacturing Excellence

Digital continuity in manufacturing creates a shared digital landscape, enhancing visibility, control, and synchronization across global operations and supply chains. Virtual prototyping replaces physical mock-ups, slashing prototyping costs and accelerating engineering changes in a flexible and easily adaptable “virtual space.”

Accelerating Innovation with Simulation

Simulation and high-performance computing (HPC) offer a gateway to exploring and optimizing real-world product behavior. For aerospace suppliers, simulation expedites evaluation of performance, reliability, and safety before physical prototyping—resulting in reduced development time, lowered testing costs, and decreased certification risks.

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