Advance innovation of autonomous vehicles to change the way the world moves.

The automotive industry is facing disruptive changes with electric vehicles, autonomous and connected mobility. To survive, OEMS must reinvent new driving experiences and are already in competition for electric vehicle market share. Of course there is no possible compromise between comfort and safety which is a double challenge for engineering teams.

On-Target Vehicle Launch is the solution to help our customers face the current engineering challenges associated with vehicle development, from concept to manufacturing validation:

Part Fabrication Process Engineering

Leverage 3D design data to create, visualize and document the fabrication strategy by validating all part requirements and characteristics.

  • Improve efficiency of automotive part fabrication planning through virtual validation prior to physical builds
  • Improve productivity with effective fabrication strategy and quick implementation of engineering changes
  • Accelerate New Product Introduction with easy-to-understand graphical work instructions accessible with mobile devices on the shop floor
  • Avoid rework on the production line with 3D validation of manufacturing resource tooling and fixtures

Production Line Definition & Validation

Collaborative approach to build, validate and optimize the 3D virtual factory and manufacturing process early in the product design phase.

  • Accelerate 3DEXPERIENCE Twin development for automotive assembly lines using plant layout best practices
  • Anticipate equipment commissioning constraints and issues
  • Minimize risk by simulating the dynamic behavior of production scenarios with workers, material flows, fixed and mobile equipment, machines, tools etc.
  • Reduce costs and increase utilization through what-if analysis and 3D factory flow simulations
  • Validate new product introduction in existing plant infrastructure through production simulation

Body Line Definition & Validation

Define, optimize and validate BiW assembly process plans and related manufacturing assets leveraging engineering body part data and fastener specifications.

  • Improve quality of planning by defining and validating the whole car body assembly process with change management
  • Increase body shop and overall plant flexibility by rebalancing the complete line based on constraints and optimum utilization of resources
  • Reduce set up time by virtually validating robot and tool accessibility early in the planning process
  • Maximize re-use and reduce tooling cost with effective weld gun selection and validation
  • Optimize programming time by re-using company best practices

Assembly Robot Programming & Simulation

Interactive 3D solution to create, simulate, program and validate 3D cell layouts, devices, and robot work cells to validate the producibility of a product.

  • Increase productivity by programming and validating assembly robots concurrently with product design
  • Accelerate the speed of incorporating engineering change to the assembly robots, cells and line
  • Avoid costly damage and re-work through virtual validation of tools and processes
  • Reduce cost for automotive assembly robot programming and simulation in multi-brand robot environments using a single solution
  • Optimize cycle time and shop floor space using 3DEXPERIENCE Twin with resource modelling and simulation

NC Programming & Simulation Business Value Benefits

  • Reduce programming time through automation of the machining process and templates reflecting the user experience
  • Create & Simulate your NC Program in machine-tool context

Assembly Process Engineering & Virtual Build

Create, visualize and document manufacturing plans in a virtual assembly line to optimize time and effort maintaining process integrity and product compliance.

  • Create an on-target launch of the product with a 3DEXPERIENCE Twin to simulate component supply, sub-assembly lines for chassis, powertrain, and final assembly
  • Reduce time to market with a visually precise, validated process plan and fast, iterative application of engineering changes
  • Accelerate introduction of new automotive subassemblies and minimize initial prototype rework with accurate system-generated graphical work instructions
  • Improve efficiency of manufacturing planning through a virtual validation of assembly plans prior to physical builds

Final Assembly Process Engineering & Virtual Build

Comprehensive 3D product assembly simulation to define MBOM, process plans with time analysis, workload balancing, and human simulation.

  • Reduce capital investment by virtually designing and validating new robotic systems
  • Increase production and maximize resource utilization with offline programming of complex robotic systems
  • Avoid costly damage and rework through virtual validation of tools and processes
  • Accelerate the speed of incorporating engineering change to the assembly robots, cells and line
  • Virtually verify robot movements and optimize the use of shop floor space and cycle time
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