Mechanical Engineer

Increase mechanical product design quality and evaluate more alternatives. Highly accurate and reliable 3D geometry supports very large assemblies, including full Model Based Definition.

  • Accelerate the END-to-END process for mechanical engineering & pre-production studies.
  • Explore multiple options with complex mechanism design and simulation.
  • Explore innovative solutions and concepts on single parts and large assemblies.
  • Anticipate product manufacturing Information through the full definition of 3D tolerances & annotations in the same model.

Creative Designer

Imagine, explore and create conceptual ideas through a comprehensive set of applications addressing ideation, concept modeling and visualization.

  • With virtual design, explore more ideas for better design creativity, maturity and design success.
  • Accelerate Design changes with updates in a few minutes, thanks to associativity, instead of hours or days of rework.
  • With integrated realistic visualization, make accurate & immediate styling decisions, instead of preparing for hours.

Electrical 3D Systems Designer

An integrated 3D electrical development environment which enables the physical design of wire harnesses and cabling in the context of the complete product.

  • Synchronize electrical schematic to 3D design to improve electrical systems quality and consistency.
  • Design and optimize electrical 3D harness bundles and cable-ways accurately, in the context of the full product.
  • Route 3D wires and cables within the defined bundles to obtain exact bundle diameters and wire/cable lengths.