Sustainable Manufacturing – A Guide to Transformation

“Sustainable manufacturing is not an option. It is not only about energy efficiency or zero-waste strategy. It is about innovation for social responsibility.”
– Guillaume Vendroux
Chief Executive Officer, DELMIA Dassault Systèmes

In the face of global warming and climate change, companies are becoming increasingly aware that they must rethink their business practices and pursue sustainable development. They understand that financial profitability must go hand-in-hand with social equity and environmental integrity.

The Industry Renaissance relies on the business imperative of sustainability. The 3DEXPERIENCE platform provides a business and operations framework that addresses the core of what manufacturing is all about: technologies and solutions to pursue sustainable innovation and deliver results on a global scale. It is the catalyst and enabler of the 21st-century Industry Renaissance.

This e-book is divided into two parts:

Understand Sustainable Manufacturing:
  • How does sustainability transform manufacturing production?
  • What is sustainable manufacturing?
  • Why is it a vital opportunity?
  • How can companies achieve sustainable manufacturing?
Experience Industry Transformation For a Sustainable Future:
  • How can manufacturers re-purpose old facilities, build green products and become sustainable?
  • Manufacturing trends.
  • Sustainable facilities for greenfield and brownfield sites.
  • Products driving sustainable manufacturing.
  • 3DEXPERIENCE twin.
  • Smart factories.

Capture knowledge and knowhow from today’s workforce to empower sustainable experiences that inspire innovation for future workers.

Optimize processes to relieve the burden in manufacturing unique customer experiences while simultaneously reducing waste in material, time, and energy.

Foster transparency, visibility and collaboration across the value network to bring unique sustainable experiences to market.

Learn how to be part of a holistic approach that will transform the very heart of your operations, bringing together strategy, design, and execution in a long-term perspective.

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